Termites are social insects that are found mostly in a colony or are a part of a colony. These feed on the dead organic matter and plant material. These live in soil and from here they attack the building and other structures.

Are you also struggling with termites in your house, have they spoiled all the wooden furniture of your house, don’t worry Termite control in Dwarka will help get rid of these pests from your house.

Termite Control in delhi provides smart, simple yet permanent solutions to all types of species of termites. The products that we use for the treatment are environmentally friendly, odorless, colorless and safe also. With our services, you will have better night’s sleep every day. All the products and pesticides used by us are licensed, we have permission from various government institutions to sale/stock these chemicals so don’t worry your house is in safe hands during the control process.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Are you aware of how termite infestation looks like? Just open your eyes and look for the following symptoms:

• Swollen paints and wooden furniture getting dis-figured and dis-colored.

• Presence of white spots on wooden frames, wardrobes, and cupboards.

• Formation of waves on wooden ceilings due to swelling of boards.

• On touching them many white colored insects coming out along with the soil.

• Outside the house, you find mud tubes.

• Lots of insects wings in and around the house.

If you discover these signs then surely there is termite infestation and needs treatment. With our trained technicians, you don’t have to get indulged in such messy treatments, with our anti-termite control in Dwarka services your house will be termite free within a few hours.

Termite treatment requires trained staff and supervisors because with so many pesticides available in the market only a skilled person can effectively use a right chemical and in the right dose. All our technicians are certified and have taken hands on training regarding the termite treatment process.

Termites easily burrow through your wooden furniture and if any time you neglect their maintenance then you make the job of the termites much easy to burrow through your home. Many times we know about an infestation if we tap a place and till that time the whole furniture collapses, so do regular inspections of your house and keep the above symptoms in mind and call for the professionals from Termite Control Delhi. We will take correct preventive measures and crack out the exact cause of termite infestations and from where it has entered the house.

Be wise also while selecting a termite control in delhi company.

Happy Cleaning.